Watercolor Classes

Would you like to take a watercolor class?

It's my joy to offer watercolor workshops on location in my art studio.  In the past, I've had the pleasure of watching children and adults grow in their fascination with watercolor painting.

I am planning and preparing to teach workshops here on location in my home art studio.  New high tables have been built and painted.  As I begin planning workshops, look for announcements in my blog posts, Facebook page Christy Sheeler - Artist, and Instagram profile @christysheeler.artist.

I am not yet offering online art instruction.  While that is one of my goals, I am looking at options for offering one-on-one video instruction.  I am looking at my options and how to make it work well.  At the current time, I am familiar with Zoom as an online option and may pursue that very soon.  Please email me if you would be interested in a Zoom workshop.

One-On-One Private Art Class Sessions

If you have interest in private one-on-one art lessons for children (ages 6 and up) or adults, I offer private sessions (120 minutes) for $50, supplies provided.  In order to work between sessions, you may need to purchase art supplies to have at home.  Private sessions can meet once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.  Private sessions are customized to take in personal interest and skill level.  I take great interest in making the watercolor exploration fit the student and that keeps the creative experience alive.  The student feels inspired to create more and is able to build on the previous skills mastered.  Please contact me at christysheeler.artist@gmail to let me know you'd like to get a session time reserved.  

Adult Watercolor Workshops

Watercolor sessions for 6 people:  I will offer afternoon and evening workshops which will cover a specific subject and/or techniques.  The art workshops will be 3 hours in total length.  The cost is $45 and you'll need to bring basic watercolor supplies.  My Watercolor Supply List post is linked here with basic watercolor materials needed for taking a class.  At some point, as interest grows, I will offer full day watercolor workshops; this is a great option for those living several hours away.
Two 5" x 7" sheets of 140 lb. watercolor paper will be included in $45 workshop price.  Additional sheets of 140 lb. watercolor paper will be available for my cost/shipping fee.  These workshops take place here in my art room as well.  For full day workshops, you'll need to bring a lunch.  I'll provide the water, coffee, and tea.  You'll be able to watch me demonstrate with watercolors for a deeper understanding of this medium. I'll share with you the tidbits of watercolor's personality for better creative planning and process. Watercolor pigment and water are quite unpredictable at first!  You'll have a great time trying out these techniques with a brush in your hand!  Ask plenty of questions and spur on more discussion and demonstration.  Be fearless and courageous as you get to develop your own watercolor style.  Once you become better versed in its tendencies, you'll have more confidence and boldness for your own creativity.

If I have an excess of no-show or day-of cancellations, I will need to have classes prepaid.  With popularity of group workshops, a deposit of $20 or full payment in advance may be necessary to reserve your place in the class.  This will help me to guarantee a minimum number needed to hold class and prevent no-shows on the day of class.  Cash, check, and credit card payment accepted.  I am able to take credit cards through the Square app.  Venmo is another option.

I'll be posting on Facebook and Instagram once a class is available for sign-ups.  If you would like to be contacted by phone or email, please contact me at christysheeler.artist@gmail.com and you'll be sure to get a personal invite for a class.  

I look forward to having you explore watercolor with great enjoyment here in my art room!

Contact me for more information!  
Send me a note and I'd love to get you started on your way with brushes and watercolor pigments.



  1. I am glad you enjoyed your visit here to She Must Make Art. There is such a vast treasure of information available on the internet...we are fortunate to live in this time. I am glad to refer you to artists who teach online! Feel free to ask questions about anything you might be more interested in learning.

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  3. Watercolor classes are good workshop for kids. I've given sketchbooks for watercolor drawing to my kids. They daily draw something new. I think its good for the development of kid's minds. As they have lots of imaginations in their minds. They can show their imaginations through drawing on something.