Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Intermission is Over.

Life interrupts the goals I make for myself.  I have no choice but to regroup and make adjustments to the way I thought things would work.  Isn't that the way goals work?  Those idealistic dreams I form in my head, like a movie playing out, watching how it could fall into place.  If you look at the time that has passed since my previous post, it's been a looonnnggg time.  It's been so long that I figure just making this quick post will be a relearning experience...remembering how this dad blamed thing works.  I am no experienced blogger.  I am a wife and mom desiring to keep alive my creative spark.  I am trying to save time to just paint an inspiring subject.  I want to take hold of the small windows of time that afford quiet solitude (even if singers and songwriters are blaring on Pandora) to dip the brushes into the brilliant pools of pigment on my palette and transfer that to paper.