Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The Thread.

While creating a new post on Facebook today, I found myself writing these words:

There's a thread that runs through every piece of artwork I share with the world. It's hope. Hope as an imagined vision. I realize artwork alone doesn't bring hope to the world. My hope lives and moves and has its being in Christ. Christmas is my remembering when the world was given hope in form of a babe.

I believe nature shows us a glimpse of Eden, what's left of that amazing place. If this nature we see now is a shadow of what once was, I will soak it in and savor every bit of that gift. I believe God gives us hope through His son. I also believe He gave us nature to bless us if we have eyes to look and see it.

So while you may not read much from me about the Gospel, I am purposed to live it and share that encouragement and hope. My brush cannot begin to compete with His creation. I paint as much hope and light and beauty into my artwork as possible. There are mistakes and shortcomings though I don't bring them to attention.

I am fascinated in how artwork can touch others and that's why I decide to offer some pieces for purchase. Others stay here because they are difficult to part with and why not all, I don't know. I have experienced the joy and blessing of seeing others delight in making a piece their own. I am humbled. It's so amazing. I have not even a hint of any idea whether pieces will find a home with someone else. My journey in this is waiting to see while I paint a new piece of watercolor art.

If you are interested in seeing my artwork, here is a link. I don't apply pressure to sell my work. If you don't absolutely feel like a piece is calling out to you, then it shouldn't be yours. I want these pieces to be somewhere that they'll be valued. I hate to think of my artwork ending up on a garage sale...though God could make it possible to send that art piece wherever He chooses. Click on the link and have a look because looking is still free! Be blessed today!

He still speaks through all He has made...

-She must make art.

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