Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Spring Miniatures 2022

Seasonal Miniatures 2022 by Christy Sheeler

The color palette of spring is a welcome change!  The first bit of inspiration for this series comes from a larger artwork I painted last summer.  I was taken back by the view of many branches against a blue sky with a bird perched there on a branch.  Imagine the views birds must have!  And with the return of robins being one sign of spring, I was sure this must be the bird to include in these little artworks.

If you are not on Instagram or Facebook but would like to preview the finished artworks, please email me at the one shown on my contact information page.  I am very happy to help you preview these and you can choose one.  Are you on my email newsletter subscriber list?  My website is linked and there, you can sign up for my newsletter!  All is a work in progress but I will do my best to help you find my artwork as it is completed and available.


-She Must Make Art