Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ethereal Expressive Collection Now Available

New Artwork Release Ethereal Expressive Collection © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist
The Ethereal Expressive Collection is now available on my website.  The artwork in this collection are a bit different from the landscapes I have painted in the past.  I live in the northern part of Montana, USA and there is so much here for inspiration.  Glacier National Park has influenced my artwork with its grand beauty, no wonder it has provided so much inspiration.  With a large collection of landscape photos, I have endless options for what I could paint with watercolors.  

There are days when I just want to find a way to relax for a little bit.  Like a needed reprieve, I find painting my way of taking a little trip in my mind.  My imagination helps me to wander the hillsides, valleys and mountain meadows, all lush and wild.  So these paintings evolved as I explored different ways to vary on an expressive landscape.  I let the watercolor have more freedom to flow as it blended into other colors and areas, and I added salt for textures, as well as spatter and scraping through damp color.

The pieces in this collection are of a smaller scale, ranging from 5" x 7" to much smaller 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" for an important reason.  I am managing to make art in the pockets of time.  When I have just an hour or less to spend in the art room, there's a great challenge in working larger.  In 2020, I am pushing myself to paint on a larger scale of 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" though I need to be reasonable in my expectations.

Summer is an ideal time to go explore the mountains here locally and take photographs for my art reference collection.  It's also perfect for painting outdoors on location!  I typically take the photos now and do some smaller work in nature; fall and winter are perfect for longer art studio work sessions.

For those on my mailing list, I apologize for the website not showing this new work earlier this week.  I thought I had gotten it all ready to publish on its own...and it turned out not to be the case.  Next time a collection releases on a schedule, I will be sure to check it that same day.  Website management is an ongoing process for me as I improve my skills there.

My art website is linked here, and I would love for you to go check out the new artwork in the Ethereal Expressive Collection.

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