Thursday, October 27, 2016

African Violets in Bloom

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There's too much on my to-do list so this week, I'm checking in and saying a quick hello!

I've got an African violet on my desk, near the computer monitor.  There's just the right amount of filtered sunlight there.  With a bit of patience, water, and fertilizer, it will soon be blooming.  Fall is here now.  The days are shorter and the temperatures are cooler.  As I anticipate many months of busy activity here in my art room, I look forward to having houseplants nearby.

I've got a large project that's now officially underway.  It's a private art commission and it's large.  The details have been discussed and agreed upon with the collector.  The sketch is complete and now today, the first washes of color have been applied to paper.  More details to come soon!


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