Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Watercolor Paintings In Progress This Week

Watercolor Painting Update!

I am popping in today because I just want to share these photos today!
This is an update to Quick Glimpse of Watercolor Progress, the previous post from Monday. 
Tomorrow's post is waiting to be completed so not much time to chat...

I've had such a positive response to this sky!  The fields are really popping yet the most distant hills still need a little bit more definition.  I've had such a blast choosing the color mixing combinations throughout this piece.  

I decided to work between all three paintings during my last work session.  I think this is out of caution, stalling myself from jumping ahead too soon.  Taking a pause from working on a specific painting is a very good thing.  I don't want to overwork the painting and have regret later.  I'm finding that seeing paintings photographed and on the monitor helps a great deal.

The colors of the mountains are so light and loose, suggesting the landscape without a lot of detail.  The fields are still too bright so they will have more color washes and detail added.  For the life of me, the fan brush is giving me a challenge.  I'm going to have to do a little practice on the side.  I'm not completely satisfied with my technique yet.  The road may be getting a little spatter or sponge to give a tad more information on its textures.   The fence posts need a lot more color and definition.  The fence wire hasn't been added yet; that will be one of the last details added.

So this piece gets to be last for whatever reason...not sure why.  I believe the sky is done but I'll see how it looks as a whole later.  I believe this painting is now in its awkward, challenging stage.  The fields are getting their base washes of color that are the foundation for colors and details yet to come.  The bold golds will give a richness to to dark greens that come next.  I'm pushing myself to be more free with the fields in the foreground.  The washes in the foreground popped more before it dried.  I'm seeking to be sure the fields do not compete with the sky.  The fields and sky need to work together well or it will be confusing to the viewer's eye.

So, have you answered Monday's question?
I'm so curious to find out about how others channel their creative energy.

If you missed the question and you're curious, here it is again...

Quick Question:

If you were to use paint to capture a scene in your mind, what would it be?  What type of paint would you use...or what other medium would you choose?

Okay, so now I'm off to get the post ready for tomorrow.  I'll be sharing the photos taken, beginning to finish, of one of the completed landscapes.  I'm so excited to share them!

because she must make art.

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