Christy Sheeler, Artist

I am fascinated in seeing art in everything around me. 

 I've developed an addiction to being aware, seeing what is happening around me.  I'm searching for smaller views that are inspiring and lovely.    A snapshot catches a single moment that will be gone in the next moment.  My photographs hold meaning, gathering ideas for new compositions. Creative energy flows through my veins, urging me bring it from my inner vision to the watercolor paper.  These inner visions are taken to paper with brush and palette.  Which one I'll choose from this vast supply, it's anyone's guess.  I sort through them, looking for the one which will spur on my determination to see it through.  With the hours invested in a single finished piece, my interest and passion have got to help me persevere.  Each one has its moments where I'm unsure and struggling to see through the fog.  Then, pressing on, after some time, I find it's all back on track though it didn't seem to be.

Nature is an endless and ever changing inspiration.  

The places and views I choose to create from bring me relaxation and calm when I am feeling tired or stressed.  It's a beautiful view that offers a temporary visual escape.  I find myself caught up, soaking in the light and shadows, the combinations of color, the varied lines and shapes all found in a single landscape.  When I paint these views, they are now there for others to see and enjoy, too.  Maybe these watercolor artworks can bring others the same restorative peace and joy.

My passion is for weaving creative touches every aspect of my life. 


There's something different about how I view the moments of the day.  I wonder if I seem strange to others and whether they might be able to understand me anyway.  Without my creative time with watercolors, there's something lacking that I need in order to be completely me.  The seasons of life vary and so does the creative time but I am always drawn back to being the artist.

My creative pursuit draws me to the delicate wildflowers and gorgeous landscapes.  

From there, my chosen subjects branch out to hills, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.  I first began painting with watercolors in my teens through art classes offered in school.  My love of this medium was pretty much instant.  I'd had so much practice in drawing up to that point; that drawing skill was my foundation to help me develop my watercolor skills.  I'm excited to add other mediums and experiment with a wider variety of projects.  I have my college educations, a Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education.  While in college, it was my treat to myself to add an art course here and there...drawing and photography.  Other than that, I am mainly self-taught.  I search out sources such as magazines, books, blogs, YouTube artist videos, online courses.

My art studio, my home, me and my family...are all located in north central Montana, USA.  

My husband, Tracy, is my biggest supporter and best friend.  He is always ready to jump in the car and go off on another adventure in the mountains.  He drives while I scope out the great views, my camera at the ready.  We have two teens in their final years of high school.  Both would rather paint in acrylics and I'm good with that; they have that creative energy, too.

I am Christy Sheeler.

I am an artist.  I take the photographs.  I paint the original watercolor artworks.

She Must Make Art.