Christy Sheeler, Artist

There's a strong fascination in seeing art in everything around me.  In my mind's eye, I've honed observation skills to see what is happening around me.  A snapshot catches a single moment that will be gone in the next moment.  I hunt for snapshots that hold meaning, gathering them for art references.  They are then taken to be transformed on paper with brush and palette.  Which one I'll choose from the vast supply, it's anyone's guess.  I sort through them, looking for the one which will spur on my determination to see it through.  With the hours invested in a single finished piece, the interest and passion have got to help me persevere.  Each one has its moments where I'm unsure and struggling to see through the fog.  Then, pressing on, after some time, I find it's all back on track though it didn't seem to be.

My passion is for weaving creative touches into every aspect of my life.  There's something different about how I view the moments of the day.  I wonder if I seem strange to others and whether they can understand me anyway.  There's been something lacking that I need to be completely me.  The crazy, hectic responsibility of motherhood means something has to give for a while.  I gave up the Saturday a month of watercolor painting with other artist friends.  The paints came out for quick little art sessions with my kiddos but my own time painting had to slow down to a trickle.

My kids have since grown into teenagers.  They are more independent and my parenting responsibilities have changed.  I'm seeing more windows of opportunity to pick up the brushes and paint again.  Throughout the last several years, I took photos that recorded our family's milestones but I've also collected a large selection of art references.  I may not have had time for painting an of it but I was still busy with the camera watching for scenes that inspire me.  So this blog is my way of expressing myself in a variety of ways but all of it drawn back to the artist that I have been all along.

 My main interest is in watercolor painting with favorite subjects being wildflowers and landscapes.  I first began painting with watercolors in junior high school.  The enjoyment for this medium was pretty much instant.  I'd had so much practice in drawing up to that point so there was a foundation to help me develop my skills.  I'm excited to add other mediums and experiment with a wider variety of projects. My interest in blogging is to begin telling my stories while seeking to build a career centered around artistic pursuits.

Currently, I am dedicating as much time as possible to painting watercolors. I am proceeding as if it is now my career. Small steps taken everyday toward a goal of selling artwork both locally and online. At this point, I am committing to a weekly post published every Thursday morning. There could be more frequent shorter posts added as well.

At this time, I am less actively creative.  I know, what a bummer!  It's all for the good of my family and they are pretty great people so it's all totally worth the sacrifice.  The way I see it, this is not forever and with any luck, I'll get myself some pockets of blissful painting time soon.  I'm now a nanny to a local family (and dear friends) and spend March to September with their three beautiful children.  I've loved working with children for a very long time but we don't need to put a number on that because I'm no spring chicken.  This opportunity to help with family income has been a huge blessing and I'm the adventurous type, not willing to turn down the detour!

I am checking my email and blog frequently so please go ahead with your questions and comments.  I'm still here, just not with the same time to post quite as regular as before.

I do have finished artworks available for purchase.
Please see the contact page for more information.


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