Thursday, February 1, 2018

Coming Soon: 5 Steps - Watercolor Mixing Grid

Coming Soon Preview of Color Mixing Grids by Christy Sheeler at She Must Make ArtHey there!  I'm just so glad you stopped in today.  I want to welcome you to She Must Make Art.  I am Christy, an artist and lover of creating in all kinds of ways.  I enjoy sharing my own journey in making and loving art.  While life has thrown me a few curves and I'm not making art as often, I am here no matter what.

There's a new blog post in progress and I've got my plan for a tutorial describing my method for mixing watercolors and creating a color mixing grid.

The tutorial is written and edited so now it's time for brushes to do their job.  This is a tutorial that needs new photos taken as I create a mixing chart just for the purpose of showing my methods to you.  Once the photos are taken, edited and'll be able to see something brand new.  Here.  From me.  Christy.  The artist.

So for now I'm just giving you a bit of inspiration for the next blog post.  Here are the photos taken as I prepared and began to paint cherry blossoms in watercolor last spring.  This was one of the most recent artworks completed before life changed in such a big way.  I'll share the progression of several watercolor paintings focused on cherry blossoms in a future blog post.  Can you see how I was just in the creating-watercolor-happiness-zone?  I really was!

A color mixing grid with watercolor.  © 2018 Christy Sheeler.  She Must Make Art.  All Rights Reserved.

Color mixing with watercolors and cherry blossoms artwork.

While the background is soft and pale, the layers of watercolor wash begin in a gradual process.  The watercolor mixing grid helps me stay focused as I work through the artwork.  

Cherry blossoms watercolor painting in progress.

Okay, well now I must be off to get the watercolor pigments on the grid.  I am excited to share it when it's finished!  Thanks for giving me the time to share and come hang out again soon!

She Must Make Art.

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