Wednesday, May 31, 2023

New Prices Now In Effect

New Prices Now In Effect

Thank you for all your support in so many forms.  Whether commenting on a post, sharing my reels, buying a piece of artwork, sending me an encouraging message, telling others you know about my artwork, and so on...every bit matters.  I enjoy all that goes into this art life and seeing how it can impact others.  I love having you on this journey!

All the little things add up and though it's not the most fun part of my creative pursuit, it is necessary art business.  Painting is the adventurous and mysterious part.  But at some point, I need to also pay attention to whether I am making ends meet.

New updated prices are now in effect.  I am an up front kind of person and it's important for me to get the word out to all of you.  As cost of art supplies, website fees, payment app fees, and shipping fees all increase, I must be on top of making sure it's possible to continue this art adventure in months to come.  New art is on the way...and we all know she must make art.

Shopify has increased the monthly cost for the basic website package and I am considering avenues for adding "Buy It" buttons for this blog and posting available work here on She Must Make Art.  I will research more and make a decision by fall this year.

I make the bulk of my sales through Facebook, Instagram, and Farmer's Market.  I know the value of having a website and mailing list so feel hesitant to make any big changes yet.  If that should happen, I will be sure to spread the word in all the ways possible.

I have one list of prices for regular artwork created on a daily basis.  I am basing these on a cost per square inch in the art piece dimensions.  The prices for regular artwork are decided so that I can enjoy choosing what I create and still be affordable for others to own some original watercolor artwork.  That balance is key.

 I have another list of prices for art commission work due to the nature of those projects including the time and steps required in the process.  These prices are also based on a cost per square inch on the art piece dimensions.  There's more time spent arranging for phone conversations or meeting by appointment in the studio.  There's a form filled with all the details to guide me in being consistent throughout the process.  There's the contract written and sent and filed to help clients feel heard and protected in the process.  There's the deposit, the sketch, the color swatching plans, the attention to details specifically important to the client...and so on.  It's a extremely personalized experience.  My clients are priority one.

The regular prices are posted in my art room as a reference when pricing artwork.  The art commission prices are posted on the Private Art Commission page.  If you should like a copy of these price lists, be sure to message, call, or email me and I will send you a copy.

Thank you,

-She Must Make Art

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