Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Artwork: Garden Blooms Collection!

Garden Blooms Released!

It's very rainy here this week and though it is a bit dreary and chilly here in northern Montana,  I am hopeful for gardens sprouting new life.  It brings me joy to spread a bit of good news from my art artwork is available on my website at!  They are sizes 5" x 7" and smaller so very easy on the pocketbook for sure.

Thank you for popping in to see what is happening here with my art creating space.  I am making time in the early morning for art...and then on the occasional day off and weekends.  While my time is a bit more challenged for being in my art room, I continue to make it there just the same.

Here is a limited preview of what you can find in this collection:

Favorite Combination Bouquet  © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

Peachy Little Roses © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

Hollyhocks Mini I © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

More artwork is ready to be added again collection coming is Ethereal Expressive Collection, loose and refreshing landscapes.  While you are on my website, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  Early notice of upcoming art releases will be sent out each time, giving insiders the news first.  Three days earlier than on social media!  

Thank you for stopping by to spend a few minutes here...see you again soon!  Have a great week.

-She must make art.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Garden Blooms Collection Releases Soon

I am so ready for spring.  Montana spring is full of the occasional snow.  Gardens full of peas and lettuce will be a welcome sight.  And flowers.  I am excited for flowers.  The year 2020 has brought so much unpredictable and strangeness for daily life.  So while we might be feeling impatient for some beauty in the garden, I can bring you some blooms earlier than they will bloom locally.  Color so vibrant and touches of playful watercolor effects are on the way.  They are titled, in my art inventory,  have been photographed and now being uploaded on the website!

© Christy Sheeler 2020 She Must Make Art.  All rights reserved.

It has been my goal to remain  creative.   I find that even if no one needs my art, I need it.  I crave and heal through the process of creating art.  This outlet helps me cope with what is happening around me.

There are roses and sunflowers among the artworks coming soon to my website.   Nearly twenty in all, ranging in sizes from miniatures to 5" x 7" with prices that are super budget friendly.   My target date is May 21st, 2020 for these to be available online to purchase. 

I would like to add a few larger pieces to this collection though that may take a few weeks.  I have limited time available now.  I have returned to my seasonal nannying position on weekdays.   The small pockets of time available are key to making art and getting it ready to release online.

Would you like early access to see new artwork? 

My plan at the present is to release an art collection every 2 or 3 weeks.  That is dependent on a lot of things but it always helps to have a target.  There are seven collections ready to be released.  I will need to create the listings on my website which takes a few hours for each collection.  At this time, the collections are as follows:  Garden Blooms, Ethereal Expressive (landscapes), Summer Memories (landscapes), Waterfalls and Rivers, Trees, Autumn, and Winter.  I have plans to add two more collections, Wildflowers II and Prairie.

My website is so go visit and you will be invited to sign up for my mailing list.  I have not been brave enough to actually try sending out a newsletter...until now.  Do it scared, right?  I do plan to send out an announcement for the release of each collection.  Sign up and you'll know before I publish it on social media!  What can be better than that?

I have two private commissions in the planning stages.  These will be larger pieces considering the sizes I have been working in lately.  I have been trying out studies in watercolor to prepare myself for working out the composition and values and color pigment choices.

One of my goals for this season is a better morning routine,  with about an hour reserved for being in my art room.   

Along with this, I have been bringing a small bag of watercolor supplies to work and I can find time to paint one or two times a week.  Even 30 minutes helps my outlook so much.

© Christy Sheeler 2020 She Must Make Art.  All rights reserved

The two palettes shown are the Cornucopia Empty Watercolor Palette Trays.  They come as a 2-pack with 72 empty half-pans.  I ordered them from Amazon and they were under $20 total.  Dick Blick sells a larger variety for sizes of empty palette and full pans or half pans.  I chose pigments that would be lovely together, either just the one palette by itself or both together.  They have primary pigments and other favorites for pairing and mixing.  The sketch journals are Global Handbook Artist Journals.  The collapsible water cup is the Faber-Castell Clic & Go

I have been searching out a small and medium size bag perfect for organizing and protecting my art supplies.   Another of my goals is to have a perfectly packed for small quick day trips and longer ones as well.

It's great to be able to post this update and I will be working hard to make this spring and summer productive.  Thanks for stopping in to join me for this chat and let me know if you have any comments or questions.  You can comment below or send me a message through the link off to the right.

-She must make art.