Friday, February 26, 2016

Christy Sheeler Artist at Society6

Another avenue for my watercolor artwork

It brings me much excitement and joy to share my artwork is uploaded and available to purchase online.

Christy Sheeler Artist on Society6:  A great selection of art design items!!!

My originals are available for purchase on Etsy ChristySheelerArtist now.  This one, titled Poppy Single hasn't been added to the Etsy shop yet...but soon.
In time, I'll have my own website and ready to have them purchased there.

How great would it be to have my art on a tote bag, an iphone case, a coffee cup...
Well, that is reality as of today!

This will be a project in the work is cut out for me.  If there is a painting you've seen here and would really love to have available on the Society6 site, please comment or send me an email!  

             Poppy Single Mug Society6 ChristySheeler             Poppy Single Watercolor iPhone & iPod Case Society6 Christy Sheeler             Poppy Single Watercolor Throw Pillow Society6 Christy Sheeler

                        Coffee Mug                          Mobile Device Cases                        Throw Pillows

            Poppy Single Watercolor Tote Bag Society6 Christy Sheeler            Poppy Single Watercolor Area & Throw Rug Society6 Christy Sheeler                   Poppy Single Watercolor Art Print

                     Tote Bag                                        Rug 3 sizes                                  Fine Art Prints  

I am absolutely in LOVE with this Poppy Single artwork, as you can tell... it's the one I chose to take on this adventure.  So, now there are many more to come...

Thank you for visiting today!

You never know when I'll have something new I can't wait to share!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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