Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In The Studio: Watercolor Poppies

Poppies in the midst of winter

My fingers have been itching to begin working on poppies.  During the summer months, I watch neighborhood gardens for colorful blooms.  I spotted my neighbor's garden had poppies...lots of beautiful red orange poppies.  With camera in hand, I disappeared for a bit to capture some photos.

I guess I was away from the brushes long enough to feel a little out of shape.  My creative groove has been a bit tough to find again.  Perhaps with each flower it's necessary to get acquainted; the layering of the color, the change in values, the shadows, remembering how the light hits the petals.

The process is going well but it hasn't been as smooth flowing as other paintings in past months.  I've got three more sketches on watercolor paper staying in the poppies theme.  I'll continue on with this one and bring you an update soon!


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