Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fresh Cherries Watercolor Painting on Etsy

These fresh, juicy cherries are a new addition to my Etsy shop ChristySheelerArtist today.
My neighbor has several fruit trees and this is one of them.  While we visit in the yard, she takes me around on a tour of her plants and trees.  We talk all the details of when they were planted and how much they've grown since last year.  Some plants and trees come from local nurseries, but many come from family members and friends.  She takes the dogs (ours included) out into the country to run and sometimes she digs up plants on those days.

It doesn't surprise my neighbors to see me out with my camera on a regular basis.  I observe the lilacs and coerce my husband to get the ladder out to see the tallest sunflowers.  I think it must be a complement that someone else admires what's growing enough to be excitedly snapping photographs.  I hope it is, but if not, I'm grateful they tolerate me and my obsession for more great photo references.

After reviewing the many photos I took that fall, this one just seemed to beg for the paintbrush.  This watercolor painting is my way of describing the way the cherries hang from the branch on delicate stems.  I enjoyed mixing the colors of paint for textures on the branch and the leaves reaching out to be seen.  The light and shadow are contrasted to make it all pop off the paper.  There are blues and violets in the shadow areas.  I used some controlled scrubbing to accent the highlights on the cherries.  The background is loose and soft.

This painting would be a lovely accent or focal point to display in a kitchen or dining room.  I package it with an ivory double mat and cellophane sleeve.  It would easily be placed in a purchased frame and a black or brown frame would set it off nicely.

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