Thursday, June 11, 2020

New Art Releases Soon!

Artwork on my work surface. © Christy Sheeler 2020 All Rights Reserved.Ethereal Expressive Collection

I wasn't sure this one would be released according to schedule.  There are quite a few paintings in this collection.  Just over twenty original watercolor paintings, and though they are small, they seem mighty to me.  With so much internal pressure to control the water and paint, these were a delightful and relaxing venture in letting go.  I was so lost in the exploring of letting watercolor lead the way!  To feel lost in a good way, releasing the cares of the day and watching the paint do as it pleases.

This collection is unlike many of my previous landscapes, which are usually of landmark views here in Montana.  With Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountain front being within a few hours of my home, those are the recognizable views I enjoy painting most.  These paintings in the Ethereal Expressive Collection are more created from my imagination.  A more limited palette and more loosely depicted, these have less specific detail.  

Artwork on my work surface. © Christy Sheeler 2020 All Rights Reserved.

I was able to play with wet into wet painting method along with the use of salt texture, spatter, and leaving the blossoms that form in an unevenly wet area on the paper.  I experimented more with scraping back details with a palette knife or a razor blade.  I found that a painting doesn't have to be finished to the degree that I had always expected for myself.

Three pieces of artwork on my work surface.  © Christy Sheeler 2020 All Rights Reserved.

These paintings will release very soon.  You might consider checking out my website at soon!  While you're there, be sure to sign up for my mailing list.  There are more new collections on the way throughout the next several months.  If you are one of those who thrives off of knowing first, having that insider's tip, the mailing list means you'll know earlier than most.  I send out an announcement several days ahead with the release date...even before Facebook or Instagram!

If you're needing to be tempted just a bit more, here's a video (down below) with a quick glimpse of the whole lineup of new originals, available very soon!

Take care and talk again soon,


-She must make art.

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