Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Artwork: Garden Blooms Collection!

Garden Blooms Released!

It's very rainy here this week and though it is a bit dreary and chilly here in northern Montana,  I am hopeful for gardens sprouting new life.  It brings me joy to spread a bit of good news from my art artwork is available on my website at!  They are sizes 5" x 7" and smaller so very easy on the pocketbook for sure.

Thank you for popping in to see what is happening here with my art creating space.  I am making time in the early morning for art...and then on the occasional day off and weekends.  While my time is a bit more challenged for being in my art room, I continue to make it there just the same.

Here is a limited preview of what you can find in this collection:

Favorite Combination Bouquet  © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

Peachy Little Roses © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

Hollyhocks Mini I © 2020 Christy Sheeler Artist  All Rights Reserved.

More artwork is ready to be added again collection coming is Ethereal Expressive Collection, loose and refreshing landscapes.  While you are on my website, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  Early notice of upcoming art releases will be sent out each time, giving insiders the news first.  Three days earlier than on social media!  

Thank you for stopping by to spend a few minutes here...see you again soon!  Have a great week.

-She must make art.

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