Monday, May 22, 2023

Openings For Art Commissions Available Now

Openings For Art Commissions Available Now
Art commission work is a very special process and filled with blessings!

I have been enjoying working with clients on a steady basis the past several months.  The process of working with a client on a custom piece is a welcome challenge.  I find that clients soon become friends and we enjoy the project together.  

There's a rewarding aspect to this process that thrills me as I provide the attention to detail and service from beginning to end.  In order to have the process go successfully, I have my own procedure for setting up these projects for best possible experience and outcome.  My clients are the people I seek to communicate with so I have no doubt what he/she will fall in love with when the artwork is finished.

One of the pages here on the blog (←linked) goes into specific detail about my process in art commission work.  Work?  Not really...somehow that seems ironic.  I love what I do and it's a pleasure to create custom artwork.  If you would like to read more about what to expect in working with me on a project together, that page will help you imagine yourself interacting with my art commission process.

Below, I am going to share some examples of artwork I have created for private art commissions.  You'll find they are all so varied in subject and dimensions.  

I will be ready to schedule one private art commission per month starting in June and throughout the summer into fall.  It does take a week or two to finalize all the details as we coordinate our calendars and daily schedules.  With one or two phone conversations, I can gather the information I need to begin to design the project.  I suggest allowing for four to six weeks minimum for the process from planning stages to final piece ready to ship.

Not sure about what you would have painted as an original watercolor artwork?  Here are a few ideas:  a memorable landscape in a place you love, a view from a family property, a favorite flower or bird.  I see these old and weathered places across our local area with barns and sheds...and the big Montana sky above with blue sky and gorgeous clouds.  Within a reasonable radius, I would enjoy taking photos of locations for new artwork.  When given the option, I would choose to work from my own photographs but that's not required.

If you find yourself curious to find out more, please send my a message.  I am ready to answer questions and give more information.  The page linked above also has more specific details of what you can expect.  

Thank you,

-She must make art.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Walk original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2023
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Walk 12" x 9" 2023

Gracie's Bison original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2022
Gracie's Bison 9" x 12" 2022

relax-reset-renewed original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2022
relax-reset-renewed 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" 2022

Gratitude In Everything original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2022
Gratitude In Everything 4" x 6" 2022

Flourishing Daily original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2022
Flourishing Daily 5" x 7" 2022

Persistence In All Things original watercolor artwork by Christy Sheeler 2022
Persistence In All Things 5" x 7" 2022

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