Saturday, January 2, 2021

Waterfalls & Rivers Collection Now Available


New artwork is now available!  The recurring theme in these pieces - water.  The year 2020 did not make it possible for many of us to travel as much as normal.  Not much about 2020 was normal.  As I sorted through art reference photos, my mind transported me to the locations I love most.  We were able to venture out with a few day trips close to home.  Being in the landscape is best but painting these landscapes was also a delight.

Here's a small preview of some of the collection:

Exploring on an Autumn Day © 2021 Christy Sheeler Artist

Remembered Retreat © 2021 Christy Sheeler Artist

Memory of Waterfalls Roadside © 2021 Christy Sheeler Artist

Sunday at Mill Falls © 2021 Christy Sheeler Artist

Interested in seeing the rest of the collection?  These and a few more available on my website linked here.  Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list when you are there.  Those who subscribe receive my updates first.  

More artwork coming soon!


-She must make art.

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