Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Quick Hello!

Well, hey there!  I'm still not back on schedule for creating art and blog posts.  I miss this creative life very much but our family has had some big changes since my previous March 2017 post.  Change.  What it really means.  It means that my family comes first.  If we are to survive the storms of life, we'll need to band together and work as a team.  My husband and I had some discussions of me finding a job to help with our monthly expenses.  Within days, I was offered a job as a daytime nanny with some laundry and housekeeping.  It was an ideal situation and I accepted the position.

With little ones ages 5 months, 4 years and 6 years of age, I was wondering whether I could keep up but it's one way to stay young, right?  Tired.  At each day's end, I was tired and sore.  By the end of the summer, carrying 20 pounds of baby (he's my personal trainer, you know) around the house was just what each day required of me.  I won't go into much detail here, but my schedule working for this family is most demanding during March to September.  I enjoyed this job so much that I am continuing on through the fall and winter months though my responsibilities have changed in many ways.  Next March, I'll gear up for be the weekday/daytime nannying again.  The joys of giggles, bubble blowing, sidewalk chalk drawing, park visiting, tickling, chasing, hugging, and caring.  I've loved it very much.

My art room is not used now.  I have been back at home for over a month and I'm not pushing myself to return to creating art in a hurry.  I'm taking my time.  I'm taking care of me.  I'm being present and available for my family when they need me.  Parenting two teens is keeping me busy and I keep remembering the remaining years are flying by faster than we realize.  My two are really talkers!  They need a mom who will listen and be involved in their lives.  They are learning more everyday about what adulthood and the real world will be like...and how we can prepare them for that time to come.  Oh, so sad for those youth not having anyone to mentor them as they learn what adulthood requires!  Growing up is really hard, especially now in this present time.

I love creating artwork, moving the fluid watercolor across the paper, and exploring what will happen as I loosen up my expectations and my need for control.  I miss it.  But I'm okay.  I'm spending time adding creative touches to my home in the meantime.  Throw pillows for the sofa.  New paint and bedding in my bedroom.  An old drugstore basket, once used for merchandise, now spray painted and holding towels in my bathroom.  Vintage accents in galvanized metal, filled with fresh looking but fake kids were so excited about fresh pears!  I'm so excited that these won't rot and need to be tossed in the garbage.  Now, I'm in the beginning dreaming and planning stages for beautifying my laundry room.  A lovely little wood table was my first vintage find; it will be just the ideal size as a laundry folding table.

One of my favorite indoor accents right now...succulents!  In preparation for winter, I transplanted a variety of succulents into a galvanized bucket.  Sand was already in the bucket so I added about 2 or 3 inches of potting soil and the plants.  They are thriving and looking so gorgeous.  I'll add some photos of them.  One is ready to put on a yellow flower.  My herbs came in as well and they are doing well.

 Succulents planted in a vintage milk separator.  ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

Succulents in galvanized bucket.  ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

Herbs in large galvanized bucket.  ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

A bit of fall decor on vintage trunk and weathered tray.  ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

Those pretty inedible pears in a white bowl.  ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

Some lovely new throw pillows for the sofa.   ©2017 She Must Make Art.  Christy Sheeler

This is a season.  Seasons are not forever.  Seasons are temporary after all.  While I know I could probably push myself to pack my daytime hours fully, that might not be best for me right now.  I'm reading books and we are planning a family trip in the next month.  We are putting family first.  We've been through some unsettling and unknown times but we are looking up and being thankful.  We've learned so much about letting go and letting God.  Letting God do what we know we cannot.  He's so good and we are blessed.

If you're here, leave a hello anywhere and I'll reply.  I'm checking in now and then.  I'm looking forward to being back here on the blog but can't know when that may happen.  I have so much to share, blogpost drafts in varying stages of completion, but those plans will keep.  People, like yourself, will continue to be pulled to creative expression of many kinds.  Some of us are in that prime art making season and others are waiting eagerly for that season to come.

So, go do something creative...and let me know how it goes!

-She Must Make Art

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