Thursday, February 16, 2017

No Searching Needed: The Artist is Not Lost!

I am not lost...

I am still here making art!  I know, it's been quite a while and you may be wondering what's going on in my art room.  Well, I have to remind myself that I'm not THAT crucial to the outside world.  Several artists have caught my attention, whether for their style, methods, or subject matter.  I get a lot of inspiration from them on a regular basis.  Their energy is contagious and keeps me fueled up for getting back to my brushes.  It's a bit disheartening when I get attached to following along with fellow artists and then (poof!) they are gone.  It's a cliffhanger or an unsolved mystery.  I want to know that they've continued on and are still creating with vision and passion.  I want to know they didn't give up their art making because life got in the way.

There's a tough choice to be made between making the art and managing the social media.  Both take time and there's only so much time in a day.  I have had some incredible art opportunities and I am behind in sharing them with you.  A large art commission came my way and I look forward to bringing it to you here.  That was completed back in November and shipped in early December 2016.

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Now, I'm cleaning and rearranging my art room.  I am making plans for art workshops here on location.  My art studio is both relaxing and inspiring and with so many people commenting on it, what better place to teach others about watercolor painting processes?!

With inspiration from the island of Maui, I'm planning a larger artwork for my personal collection.  Working from photos taken on our honeymoon, this artwork will hang in the master bedroom, as the focal point for redesigning that room's decor.

So hang tight and check back soon...I'll be working on the Ivy Ranch Commission progression photos for a new blog post to be shared with you very soon.

I am just in awe at the response to all that I have shared in the past here and in my other social media presences!  It's so exciting to be sharing these experiences globally.

If you are interested in contracting for a private art commission, I am available to work with you!  I have plans to share all the pertinent information here soon.

Thanks for dropping in and be sure to say hello in the comments below!  Feel free to share a tidbit about your current art project!

-She must make art.


  1. I love the colors in the Maui piece, Christy, as week as the Autumn Foliage piece at the top. So beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Team Baliko! I enjoy the process very much! I love the feedback, too!

  2. Wow, i have never seen such an interesting and informative blog,thanks for sharing,your art work is beautiful. Suzi Nassif telling her point of view about Contemporary Art in Dubai, so visit must to know.

    1. Ayesha, it's so nice to have you here! Please be sure to stop back again soon. I will be sure to check out Suzi Nassif's artwork. It's a marvel that we can have technology that helps us share artwork all over the world!

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