Friday, May 6, 2016

Giclee Print in the Art Studio

I can't wait to share the news!
I've got Giclee prints here now.  They arrived a few days ago and now I'm preparing to list them on Etsy.  If you live in our area, I'll have them in the studio for purchase.  There's a bit more work to do before they'll be ready to leave the studio.  I'll be signing, packaging and photographing them.

 The lilacs are blooming and I ought to grab my camera before they finish their show.  It all changes so quickly!  Our family will be heading closer to the mountains this weekend for an afternoon of picnicking, kayaking, and maybe even a campfire.  I'll take my camera and maybe a few art supplies!  Are you enjoying some time outdoors this weekend?  Be sure to take some time to see what's happening in the nature around you!

she must make art.

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