Friday, March 11, 2016

Watercolor Mixing Grid (Created with @Magisto)

Mixing Up Pigment for a Watercolor Grid

In the previous post, I shared Why I Make Watercolor Mixing Grids.  Better than telling is showing!  This quick video shows the action in completing a row of mixed swatches.  Watercolor mixing is great fun!!!  The result is a guide for an upcoming watercolor painting.  Having a reference close at hand is such a great tool.  I can't imagine being without some record of the general creative plan.

I've been having a fantastic time with learning to record on video!  New skills can be a great adventure!!!  While there's plenty on my to-do list, I'm making time for sharing what I do...
The video is created with Magisto free version.

Are you even a tiny bit curious?  I hope so.

It's short.  It seems self-explanatory to me, but maybe not.  My purpose isn't really to give a demo how-to but to a quick little glance at what I've been doing lately.  If it seems too small a window, click to view on YouTube.

Over the years, I've noticed that people have a fascination with watching artists at work.  Whether it's other artists or myself...I know that when I pass by an artist busy with their craft, I've got to stop for a few moments and see how they do their thing.

I remember in California Adventure, the amusement park, there are artists who look like street sweepers.  They come along with a bucket and and a broom...and they create a work of art there on the sidewalk with water.  That artwork is only there until the water evaporates.  I was just amazed.  I could follow them all day, watching what they'll create next!!!

Okay...I found a YouTube video of a Broom Artist in Disney California Adventure:

What do you think?  Have you ever stopped to observe an artist while they create?

Have a beautiful day!  Remember to watch for the priceless in today.


She Must Make Art!

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