Sunday, November 26, 2023

New Artwork and More

Hey, friends!  My website has been updated with new artwork and more.  Over a dozen new pieces of watercolor artwork are now posted to the website.  While I was preparing by photographing artwork, it occurred to me that now might be a perfect time to bring other items to my website.  In the past, I shared quite a few photos of my process in creating these extras.  I shared but these were mainly a Farmer's Market offering.  The main reason was the time it would require to list them on my website.

With autumn days, my daily life pace is slower and leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, it's a great time to put in the hours and get these beauties up and available.  I've created listing for magnets, ornaments, notecard sets and watercolor extras bundles.  The bundles are grouped items of my choosing, beautiful together.  You can choose to keep them all, keep some and give some, or give all as a gorgeous gift.  You'll save a nice amount over purchasing individual items.  Shown below, Wildlfower Bundle 1.  This bundle includes one notecard set, two magnets, and three bookmarks.

So, whether you are interested in seeing new watercolor artwork released today or ordering an ornament (or more) or selecting a extras bundle...I am sure there's something to please!

Thank you so much for joining me on these adventures in art,

-She must make art.

Wildflowers Bundle 1

Wildflowers Bundle 1

Wildflowers Bundle 1


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

New Artwork Releases Soon!


A Watercolor Extras Bundle
New artwork is coming to the website very soon...

I have been working away behind the scenes preparing quite a few original watercolors and some smaller watercolor extras.  I prefer the art making process over the long hours photographing and uploading to the website but it will be worth it in the end.  There may be a few kinks in the works so I plan for the website to need some tweaking to get it just right.  Each time I come back to work on the website, I am challenged to remember how it all works!

The new watercolor artwork is a range of subjects from bluebirds and hummingbirds to garden flowers...and maybe a landscape or two.

The magnets, ornaments, notecards sets, wildflower miniatures, and watercolor extras bundles (shown left) will be a new addition on the website.  All price points give more choices and are more flexible for any budget.

Have you signed up for my mailing list on my website yet?  I won't be showing up in your inbox unless I have news like artwork and new items available on the website.  Thank you for joining me in these art adventures!  You'll find all the links for website and social media on my Contact Information tab above.

Late Sunday, November 26th, 2023 is when the new artwork and other items will be available on my website.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


-She must make art.