Saturday, October 15, 2022

News For Fall 2022

News for fall 2022 and a JRR Tolkien quote.

Let's catch up!

 A quick update is due.  I am still creating artwork alongside new items coming for the holiday season for 2022.  The Wildflower Miniatures are nearly complete with a few details yet to be added.  I am busily preparing for the Cut Bank Holiday Bazaar scheduled for November 5th.  I am creating handpainted 3" magnets and 2.5" wood slice ornaments to be featured at that event.  The brown kraft tags bookmarks with watercolor accents will also be offered at my booth.  I will be bringing bookmarks with fall and winter landscape artwork accents.  I have a few larger artworks to complete so there will be 8" x 10" artwork being shown for the first time there.

One very special project I am working on developing is a watercolor travel kit.  A small metal tin with hinged lid holds ten half pans of Van Gogh watercolor pigments.  I chose ten colors that will be fun mixed in a variety of combinations.  I chose Van Gogh brand for its high quality and vibrancy.  From the Royal Talens company, Van Gogh has really impressed me as a student grade of paints.  I use some of the Van Gogh colors on my own palette.  The kit contains the tin with ten half pans of watercolor paint, two travel brushes, ten mini sheets of watercolor paper and all come in a specially designed bag from a local designer.  These will be available for purchase by November 1st, 2022 but there will be only six kits available.  They are available for $45 before shipping.  Message or email me to claim yours.  Link below to Instagram post with photos.

Watercolor Kit in development.

My website is currently in need of a restyle and on deck to be overhauled in the coming months.  I regret that you cannot shop there at present but be sure to contact me if there is an artwork you would like to purchase and we can make arrangements.  I have been doing some research into using Square Buy-It Buttons here on this website and reroute my website here.  With so many different social media and internet platforms, it becomes a challenge to manage them all very well.

I have several projects scheduled post holiday bazaar but please be sure to contact me if there are artworks you would like to order in time for the Christmas season or projects you wish to talk through for 2023.  I am working in the art studio almost daily and have many things happening all at once.  I am able to make time to interact and visit over art projects so please reach out with email or on messenger.

I have shared this before but honestly the best way to stay informed on activities in my art world is Instagram and Facebook.  Those links are on my Contact Me page.  The tab to click for that page is located directly above the date of this post.

I am still keeping Fall Miniatures in the back of my mind and I do have some possibilities in mind so if that's something you want strongly, please let me know.  I may need to begin them the last week of October and then have a sample or two available both on social media and at the bazaar in order to take orders.

Thank you for hanging out with me for a few minutes!

I'll be back with more information as possible.

Have a great weekend!


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