Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Art Studio Update

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This place is a zoo!

Hey there!  I am stopping by really quick like to let you know, I'm still plugging along in my little art world.  With quite a few "irons in the fire" at this point, I'm making the most of every minute this month.

In two days, my booth will be set up and selling at the Holiday Bazaar in Cut Bank, Montana.  It's being held at the Cut Bank High School building in the gymnasium from 10 am to 4 pm.  This event has been well promoted and has a large selection of vendors as well!

I've been working with great purpose to complete two watercolor painting of the Cherry Blossoms.  These two watercolor paintings will be framed and on display!  The three watercolor paintings are 5" x 7" dimensions and I will not be making Giclee Art Prints from them for that reason.  The paintings with mat and frame are available for purchase now at $210.00 each.  The third artwork, The Delicate Unfolding, (also 5 x 7) is offered with mat and clear protective sleeve for $170.00.

My artist's booth will offer original watercolor artwork, both with mats and frames, fine art prints, my handmade note cards, my own handmade lip balms, and rustic wood candle holders in sets of three or four (my husband's handiwork).

In addition to all this, I've accepted a private art commission to be delivered by Christmas!  It's a large artwork of 22" x 30" and I'm already enjoying the process beyond explanation.  I'm so honored and blessed at the same time!  As I've drawn, reworked the perspective, transferred the drawing to watercolor paper, planned the color mixes, and studied the reference photos...I've considered how the past 17 months prepared me for this opportunity.  Each technique I've practiced and every challenging detail has given me this full tool resource for a new challenge.  I feel the weight of providing my best work now, as always.  Each of the more than twenty paintings that were created in those months strengthened my confidence and ability.

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I just need to say that God's timing is impeccable!  Many times along this artistic journey, I worried that maybe I'd be given a surprise challenge I would fail at miserably.  I feel like that was a silly concern now.  As I work here in the art studio, my mind is hard at work but my spirit is busy in prayer.  Many friends and family have commented on the atmosphere of this room; they observe the peaceful and relaxing way it affects them.  That is something I wanted from the start.  That is what I strive for and how I prepare to be creative.

My mind is also busy working on a plan for offering watercolor classes in the spring.  The space here limits me to 5 or 6 people per class.  I could choose another location but this room, my art room, has its own special draw for others and I'd like to host classes here.  So, if you should see me at an event, or around town, let me know if you'd like to take a watercolor class in 2017!  I've considered offering a make-and-take stamping and card making class, too!  If either of those sound like a great idea to you, let me know!  The space will be limited and I may need to offer more than one class.  This would be a full day workshop, 9 am to 4 pm...bring a lunch.  Coffee, tea and water would be available.  Bring your art supplies!  If you don't have any, I can provide a list of supplies needed and you can get them yourself before class.  I can provide student-grade watercolor supplies for an added supply fee.

I'd love to stay here and share more but my list of today's tasks is waiting for me!  I'm excitedly working away to provide the most beautifully handmade items, each one crafted with great attention to detail.

I look forward to meeting and visiting with many on Saturday in Cut Bank...
and then again on November 11th, Ladies' Night Out at the Golf Course in Conrad, Montana!

Stop on over and check out my facebook page for more current updates!  

Have a great weekend everyone!